Hilton Elementary School

225 River Road     Newport News, VA 23601     Phone: (757) 591-4772     Fax: (757) 599-4382

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How do I register my child?

You will find out everything you want to know about registering your child in Newport News schools at the Newport News Public Schools district web site.  If you have questions specific to Hilton, please call the office at 591-4772.

What should I do if I want my child to ride a different bus home?

If you want your child to ride a different bus home, you must send a note to school that day with your child. Please do not call and make this request. It must be in writing.

My child needs to take medicine while in school. What are the rules concerning medicines?

Any medication must be accompanied by a medical release form signed by your doctor. The school nurse will answer specific questions. Her number is 591-4773.

What do I do if my phone number or address changes?

If there are changes during the year, please stop by to update your child's emergency card. All children must have an up to date emergency card on file in the office. Also, you may decide to add emergency contacts. Again, just come in and make the changes on your card.

Can I request my child's teacher?

We ask that you do not request a teacher by name. You may write a letter describing the type of personality with which your child works best.

I need to pick up my child early. What should I do?

We ask that you keep your child in school for the entire day. At Hilton, learning takes place from 9:05 until 3:40. Please try to schedule doctor appointments on Wednesday afternoon. If it is absolutely necessary to take your child early, then you must come to the office and sign your child out.

Can someone else pick my child up from school?

The only people that may pick up your child from school are the people listed on his/her emergency card. If you need to add names to your child's card, please come in and do so. We can not take phone calls or letters requesting that names be added.

I need to know if school is canceled, has been delayed, or is closing early?

In the event that school is delayed, canceled, or closing early, the information will be available in a number of ways:

  • The NNPS Information Line at 283-7810
  • NNPS Administration Building at 591-4500
  • Newport News Cable Channel 47
  • Online at http://nnschools.org/closings

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