Counseling Corner

Jeanne Miles, Professional School Counselor
Phone: (757) 591-4772 x.35531

Your Professional School Counselor, Ms. Miles, will provide both individual and group counseling to assist students with a variety of educational and personal concerns. If you feel your child could benefit from individual or group counseling, please call or email.

Classroom guidance lessons will also be presented monthly in each class to help children meet their developmental needs. The focus of the guidance program is to help children deal with life issues and achieve school success by developing a strong self-concept, a positive attitude toward school, and healthy relationships with peers.

If you have any family concerns that you feel are impacting your child, please do not hesitant to contact Ms. Miles. If necessary she can refer you to outside agencies or individual therapists for counseling or assistance.

CHKD Parent Workshops

CHKD offers many free and valuable Parent Workshops. Check them all out at or call (757) 668-7500.